With BricsCAD, you can modernize and formalize your CAD licenses at just a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for a full-fledged CAD license. And it is not an LT-class application with curtailed features.

API compatibility in BricsCAD is phenomenal. Lisp (including Visual Lisp & ActiveX extensions, vle- libraries, reactors and more) written for popular Lisp-based CAD platforms run in BricsCAD with NO change. Your .NET, VBA and ARX application just requires a simple re-compile and you have them running on BricsCAD as well.

BricsCAD is a reliable, stable and 100% compatible with mainstream .dwg CAD software. Not just DWG compatibility, but menu files, user-interface customization, linetypes, hatch patterns, plot styles, color tables, API’s and more can all be ported and re-used from your existing CAD application to BricsCAD with little or no changes. No learning curve, no new commands to learn. Continue to use the same CAD processes as before, on a new platform.

Moving far beyond the .dwg compatibility goal, BricsCAD offers these unique features not found in other .dwg CAD:

    • Advanced 3d direct modeling for Mechanical engineers and product designers
    • Sheet Metal functions for accurate design and estimations.
    • 3D BIM design and IFC export, including intelligent concept modeling tools (You don't need your SketchUp Pro any more)
    • Communicator for exchange of 45 different CAD file formats.

BricsCAD enjoys a strong market share of the alternative .dwg CAD market in countries like Germany, Japan and Eastern Europe and is the fast growing in India.

The above chart sums it all. Bricsys has made the choice of selecting BricsCAD easier – with three levels of capabilities as per user requirement.

Whether your requirement is 2D drafting or advanced 3D design, wire-frame models or photo-realistic rendering, BricsCAD is the right platform for you, and offers an appropriate flavour.

The entry level version, BricsCAD Classic, is designed for SME and startup businesses with modest requirements and limited budget. Feature-wise, it is a full-featured CAD platform with 2d/3d surface modeling, supports APIs like Lisp, macro &DIESEL customization, the TX (Teigha) based C programming interface and more.

The mid-range version, BricsCAD Pro supports VBA, .NET and C++ programming APIs, direct modelling and constraints modeling.

The highest version, BricsCAD Platinum offers advanced assembly & direct modeling, mechanical parts library, sheet metal design and more.

While the Classic and Pro versions will appeal to CAD users across the spectrum, BricsCAD Platinum is created for the discerning MCAD users who are looking at value-based advanced design functionality on the .dwg platform.

BricsCAD is available on the Windows and Linux platforms. A Mac version is under development.

If you want to compare the features between each flavour of BricsCAD as well as with other popular CAD systems, here is the link http://bricsys.com/en_INTL/bricscad/comparison/


The Import-Export bank of BricsCAD Communicator

BricsCAD Communicator is an optional module that allows import and export of over 45 different CAD formats.

It is priced very competitively at INR 29000 per license. BricsCAD is the only .dwg CAD platform in its class that can import SolidWorks part files, CATIA and NX assemblies, Collada DAE files, STP, IGES and many more formats.

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