DSTools for BricsCAD brochure

DSTools is an interactive Die Design package built on top of BricsCAD for aiding tool designers across the globe for progressive die design thereby increasing productivity of the Tool Designers manifold. DSTools enables Tool Designers to create and modify strip layout from the unfolded geometry, encapsulates design parameters taking simple inputs for creating progressive Die sets that are foolproof and accurate along with BOM & detailed drawings of part

DSTools shortens the learning curve for tool designers by making them immediately productive in using the workflow.



Why DSTool ?

  • Swift response to quotes that are accurate
  • Cost Effective Die design package for Micro, Small & Medium sized Enterprises
  • Quick, simple, easy & responsive strip layout creation/modification using 2d unfolded geometry
  • Embedded & pre-configured design parameters for creation of Die sets that are fool proof
  • Easy MBOM with material & hardness details in few seconds
  • Detailed Drawings for created die set 

Product Details

  • Create your Sheet metal parts
  • Rework your existing design
  • Quick & Easy Strip Layout Preparation
  • Effortless creation of Punches 
  • Design Parameters for Die Set design encapsulated in a simple User interface
  • Designs are chosen based on Strip width and Length
  • Choice of Single and double & triple die sets based on the Strip width & Length
  • Materials assigned automatically based on the Strip material, Production rate
  • Manufacturing Bill of Material in a few minutes with complete information on hardness, heat treatment details
  • Comprehensive identification of standard and non-standard parts
  • Drawings generated automatically for non-standard parts
  • Creates fool proof designs, so that the hundreds of parts in the die set will assemble


Download 30 days Free Trial : DSTools V1 (x64) (English) for BricsCAD

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