What is GeoTools?

GeoTools is a .dwg based geo-data application that is useful to view, create, modify, analyze and report on CAD data that is geographic in nature. If your nature of business is GIS data creation, surveying, mapping, facilities management, infrastructure, landscape development, city planning or similar, GeoTools can make a difference for you and increase your productivity.

GeoTools is a very handy time-saver for GIS-data preparation and editing in the CAD environment.


Why GeoTools?

  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Significant reduction in operator errors
  • Commonly required geo-data related CAD tasks automated
  • Wide range of functionality – Civil Tools, Map Data Cleanup, Google Earth integration, Survey data processing & more.


GeoTools functions include…

  • Advanced Polyline labeling & annotation tools
  • Map Data cleanup, linear/polygon network tools
  • Civil & Survey Data import/export Tools
  • Cross-section profiles, long sections, chainage tools
  • Volume Calculations & TIN generation
  • Advanced AutoCAD Map Tools
  • Coordinate Conversions / Google Earth interaction
  • Powerful Blocks and Attribute Management
  • Geographic Tools
  • Geology & Mining Tools
  • Fully compatible for batch script processing

How does it compare with AutoCAD Map / Civil 3D / Google Earth?

GeoTools offers more than 60% of the functions that are found in AutoCAD Map or Civil 3D and which are commonly required by majority (90%) of users.


Typical  GeoTools Workflows

Data Cleanup & Optimization

All data cleanup and optimization techniques found in AutoCAD Map like polyline vertex weeding, densification, fixing of overshoots and under-hangs, intersection cleanup based on snapping etc. are handled by GeoTools in an efficient manner. Independent snapping of points in 2d and/or 3d is possible and all operations preserve all attached entity data like XDATA, object data, attributes etc.


Topology Building

Building meaningful data from disconnected ones is always one of the goals of GIS. GeoTools has tools to build closed polygons from disconnected but touching edges, create area annotations, attached database and export to Excel.


Geographic Coordinates conversion:

GeoTools offers complete coordinate conversion from UTM, Transverse Mercator, Albers and Lambert systems to Lat-Long and vice-versa, complete with datum shift handling etc.


Google Earth Interaction (Export/Import)

GeoTools offers complete integration with Google Earth and allows KML/KMZ data import and export of vector data. All this is functionality that is found in Civil 3D software only. It is also possible to extract viewport image from Google Earth and bring it into CAD with geo-referencing.


Surveying & Terrain modeling

For surveying professionals and terrain designers, GeoTools offers easy ability to create cross-sectional profiles, longitudinal sections, volume calculations, TIM grid creation, drawing of graded lines, traverse adjustments and so on.


Mining & Geology:

GeoTools also has a small section called Geological and Mining which is under development and in its initial design phases.


Planning & Visualization Tools:
GeoTools intends to add a set of planning and visualization tools for city and neighborhood planning, zoning analysis, flight path and buffer zone modeling and so on.


Typical  Screenshots from GeoTools

GeoTools User Interface 


More than 250 tools in familiar CAD interface, for working with Geographic data inside CAD software




Create cross-sectional profiles with complete parametric control




Geological & Mining moduel imports bore-hole data and creates mine plan models




Import GML/KML data into your CAD software




Integration with Google Earth




Civil tools to create TIN models


And many more.


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GeoTools videos & Tutorials.

  Convert arced polylines to linear segment polylines (CADPower & GeoTools)
  Draw a polyline by joining points in sorted order (CADPower & GeoTools)
  How to search for GeoTools & CADPower commands when you don't know where to find them (CADPower & GeoTools)
  Polyline Segment labeling (CADPower & GeoTools)
  How to install & configure GeoTools & CADPower V17 for BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)
  The Polyline Vertex Labeling (Annotation) Tool in (CADPower & GeoTools)
  Perform linear Interpolation of Z elevations along a polyline in (GeoTools)
  Civil Tools - Multiple Cross-Section generation Tool (GeoTools)
Geology / Mining: Import Bore Hole Data (GeoTools)
IMPEX video 1: Import Points from CSV into AutoCAD-BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools )
Interactively flip X & Y Scale factors of a block (CADPower & GeoTools)
Update Easting, Northing, Elevation, (or XYZ) Attributes of a block from location (GeoTools)
IMPEX Video 2: Import points with multiple attributes (GeoTools)
Compute detailed polyline statistics in AutoCAD-BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)
GeoTools, Build, Drape a 3D polyline across a set of intersecting linear objects (GeoTools)
Set out-of-range elevation values to nearest valid elevation values (GeoTools)
GT_SPL2PL: Convert splines to polylines in AutoCAD and BricsCAD (CADPower & GeoTools)
GT_CH2D3D: Convert 2D to 3D polylines (GeoTools/CADPower) (CADPower & GeoTools )
GT_CH3D2D: Convert 3D to 2D Polylines in flexible ways (CADPower & GeoTools)
GT_CREATECENTROID: Create centroid marks inside closed polygons (CADPower & GeoTools)
GT_CCPOLY: Create closed polylines from a mass of networked polylines (CADPower & GeoTools)
GT_GERSHEET: GT_GERSHEET, GeoTools, Geographic, Google Earth Rubber Sheeting Tool (GeoTools)
GT_DWG2KML: GeoTools, Geographic, DWG2KML Google Earth KML/Z Export (GeoTools)
GT_PROFILE: Draw cross-sectional profile from 3D polyline (GeoTools)
GT_POLYINSVX: Polyline 'Insert Vertex' Tool (GeoTools)
GT_PL_STAT: Detailed Polyline Statistics Now Shows Radius, Angle, Arc Direction in CADPower (CADPower & GeoTools)
CP_DENSIFY / GT_DENSIFY: Add More vertices to polylines: (CADPower & GeoTools)
CP_REM_LINVERTS / GT_REM_LINVERTS: Weed (Remove) collinear vertices from polyline: (CADPower & GeoTools)
GT_HSQUARE: Polygon Squaring - Create right angle corners (GeoTools)
GT_ZTREND: Analyze and fix Z elevation trends in 3D polylines (GeoTools)
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