DesignSense is a technology solutions company, founded in the year 2014, with the mission to make its customers successful, by reducing cost and complexity of Engineering. The founders bring together diverse skillsets spanning engineering & software design, AEC, Virtual Reality and GIS-CAD.

As the national level distributor for BricsCAD in India, DesignSense (and earlier Coordinate Systems from same founder) has been representing Belgium based Bricsys NV in India since 2007.

DesignSense brings simple solutions and practices to its customers to help leverage full productivity out of any software or technology that they use.

We promote BricsCAD as the base platform of choice to deliver a complete CAD, BIM, GIS and Manufacturing industry solution. We chose BricsCAD for its high degree of .dwg data and API compatibility, simplicity, stability and a very compeling commercial value-for-money.

Our solutions are operating system agnostic. By virtue of BricsCAD running on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX as full-fledged version, all of our in-house solutions are available on these platforms as well.
DesignSense Software Technologies brings together diverse and complementary skills to help stake-holders succeed in today’s multi-disciplinary industry segments.