DesignSense is a technology startup, operations starting in 2014, with the mission to make its customers successful, by reducing cost and complexity of Engineering. The founders bring together rich and varied skillsets spanning engineering software product design, simulation, PLM design and implementation, KBE, AEC and GIS-CAD.

DesignSense brings simple solutions and practices to its customers to help leverage full productivity out of any software or technology that they use.

DesignSense aims to create solutions for process issues that user never knew were hampering productivity. In other words, the routine and the mundane followed by majority of users today is taken for granted as normal-way-of-working. DesignSense products and solutions can uncover such bottlenecks in your design process and deliver quantifiable productivity gains.

Today, the life-cycle and application of design data extends much beyond CAD software. DesignSense products and services bring together the CAD software, mobile platforms and web services, enabled by cloud, to provide a complete productivity and access to all stake-holders.

Our solutions are platform agnostic. We deliver CAD platform solutions on Windows, Linux and Mac and mobile platform solutions on iOS and Android.

DesignSense Software Technologies brings together diverse and complementary skills to help stake-holders succeed in today’s multi-disciplinary industry segments.