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Construction Project Management

Ayoga is a cloud based Construction Project Management software that organizes projects to provide the right information at the right time so you can strategize better, deliver project milestones, and take well informed business decisions

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Ayoga Project

Ayoga Project is a cloud based Project setup for different stake holders to be part of the project. Project information is available to various stake holders on their rights levels.

  • Set up Users and Projects through simple web user interface, in a few minutes
  • Monitor the progress through dashboards, charts

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Construction Project Management Software
Ayoga DMS (Document Management System)

Ayoga DMS (Document Management System) is a hosted document management system, that manage project documents like drawings (.DWG), MS Word, Excel, PPT, Pdf or any such documents that is needed for the project. It has an excellent version control system.

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Ayoga Pull Project Planner

Ayoga Pull Project Planner is a cloud based Project planning software. It enables Project Managers to plan the entire project in a simple web interface. Being cloud based, the project information is available to all the stake holder unlike file based project planning systems.

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Ayoga RFI

Ayoga RFI allows you to manage your unplanned tasks. RFIs can be tracked, monitored and managed effectively in the cloud based platform. It has a BricsCAD/AutoCAD Plugin that allows the architects to make correction in the drawing and share it over the project management platform on the fly.

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Ayoga Mobile

Ayoga Mobile enables various stake holders to access data anywhere, anytime

  • Single Signon access to Project Data
  • Dashboards, notifications and rich messaging system
  • Time sheet entries and Task notifications
  • Access drawings and other documents at site

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Ayoga IoT

Ayoga IoT (Internet of Things) integrates field resource data with the project plan. Field resources or equipment like excavators, bull dozers, tippers can have Ayoga IoT sensors and devices installed in them which communicates with Ayoga web, sending in relevant data for the stake holders to connect project management data with field data.

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Why Ayoga

Ayoga Project is a cloud based Project setup for different stake holders to be part of the project. Project information is available to various stake holders on their rights levels

Build Business Intelligence, Visualize the future of your organization

With the project and related data together in one place, Ayoga is able to use this information to generate Analytics and forecasts for definitive project planning and well-informed business decisions

From Vendors to Customers, Engage stakeholders end to end

Manage project bottlenecks created due to delayed communication by bringing all stakeholders on Ayoga. RFI communication and visualization of data through Ayoga helps you manage your vendors and maintain strong customer relationships. Built in security allows you to control access to internal and external project members

Optimize your resources, improve your profit

The resource modeler integrated with the IoT, provides real time site information about your resource utilization. Interactive charts map utilization against the capacity, so you plan to drive optimum efficiency of your resources and prevent any cost overruns

Create accountability, Enhance work force productivity

Ayoga Pull Planner, timesheet update and RFI drive your employees to take ownership of their work. With analytics and employee progress details available for your review, you can make strategies to improve productivity of your organization

Integrate different types of data

View real time site issues or project progress on your drawings with the very effective CAD plugins. Connect project management and engineering data to monitor real progress of your project

Manage Voluminous data on the cloud, have everything trackable

From revisions of important documents on the DMS, to root cause analysis of any issue raised as an RFI, every piece of information is easily searchable on Ayoga

Zero IT Infrastructure Cost, get started with a simple URL

Ayoga being totally mobile and browser based, there are no additional IT infrastructure investments. Single sign-on in Mobile/ Desktop/ Web platforms is all that is needed for project collaboration at your fingertips

Access Anytime, Anywhere from Any-device, 24/7

Push notifications allow users to stay updated anytime, anywhere. Plan share or update project information on handheld devices like mobile and tablets for quick responses and precise decision making