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What is BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a 100% AutoCAD .dwg compatible CAD platform for general design.

How is it different from AutoCAD?

BricsCAD is from a Belgium-based company called Bricsys. Autodesk is from US-based Autodesk. a 100% AutoCAD. That is difference # 1 for starters.

BricsCAD is an independently design CAD software and the user interface is hugely familiar but not copied from AutoCAD. It is not intended to be an identical twin of AutoCAD.

BricsCAD takes the freedom to be creatively different from AutoCAD where deemed necessary. The Drawing Explorer, the QUAD and the Content Browser are but a few examples of this.

BricsCAD is still innovating and adding new features for the humble 2D CAD user community, something that AutoCAD has long stopped.

How is it similar to AutoCAD?

BricsCAD maintains 100% AutoCAD compatibility. A familiar interface puts all AutoCAD user at immediate ease while using BricsCAD.

The native format is .dwg, which is the same as that of AutoCAD. All support files like Linetype (LIN), hatch patterns (PAT), plotter color table file (CTB), multi-linestyle (MLN), Sheet Sets (SHT), drawing templates (DWT), text styles etc can be re-used in BricsCAD with no changes.

It is so compatible that after a while, you stop noticing that you are working in another CAD system. It gets into your skin easily.

Feature-wise, how does it compare with the several other .dwg CAD?

We would say - BricsCAD is the best among the lot. Take my word or simply go do a stress test of your design on BricsCAD.

BricsCAD has the highest number of add-ons after AutoCAD, and this is proof enough that serious CAD vendors consider BricsCAD as the only noteworthy challenger to AutoCAD.

BricsCAD has all the advantages, stability and comfort level of the golden versions of AutoCAD (namely 201
0-2016). In recent years, AutoCAD has become resource-hungry, heavy and carries excess baggage. BricsCAD does not suffer from these dis-advantages.

If you develop CAD applications, BricsCAD wins hands-down and has the highest API level compatibility to run an application designed originally for AutoCAD.

In a market littered with .dwg CAD software from A to Z, BricsCAD is the only choice that scores on all fronts.

Cost-wise, how does it compare with the several other .dwg CAD?

Certainly, BricsCAD is not the cheapest in the market.There are software ranging from FREEWARE to costing just INR 8000 per license. If you want a monkey to run your design prcoess, you can pay peanuts and buy them.

If you are looking for rightly priced software, please consider BricsCAD.

If you are looking for FREE or cheap software, you are at the wrong place here.

Can BricsCAD do more than just 2D drafting?

Yes, Bricsys has leveraged the BricsCAD platform to offer 2D drafting, 3D modeling, BIM and Sheet metal, all in one single environment.

The BIM in BricsCAD is based on the 3D Modeling engine and is a first in the industry.

The 3D Modleing engine is based on the Variational Direct Modeling technique which is a new-generation modeling technology.

The Communicator add-on reads and writes over 40 different 3D CAD and publishing formats, something which is un-available in the competition at the offered price point of under INR 100,000 per license.


How is BricsCAD licensing done?

BricsCAD licenses are available as stand-alone licenses or network license.

A stand-alone license is also known as a node-locked license and is linked to the computer.

A network license is installed on the server and CAD workstations can can connect to the license server and use the licenses. At any time, only the maximum number of permitted computers can use the license simultaneously. If the next request for a license is turned down because all lcienses are in use, the other user(s) have to exit BricsCAD in order for others to use.

Licenses from the network server can be "roamed" or "borrowed" for a specific period. A borrowed license is checked out of the license server and checked in to the requesting workstation. Such a license becomes noe-locked to that computer for the specified period. At the expiry of the period, the license is automatically expired on the workstation and released on the server for use by others.

Tell me some more unique things about BricsCAD

BricsCAD runs on three operating systems: Windows, Apple Mac OSx and Linux.

A single license that tou purchase is valid for all and any of the operating systems and can be free ransferred from one computer to another, from one operating system to another with absolutely no limitations. For license transfer, you must follow a certain procedure of activation and de-activation and it is expalined in this blog post.