DesignSense Software Technologies is represented in various geographies across India through a network of resellers.


MechSIM Technologies is a young and fast growing CAD business led by Nihit Sand. We are pleased to have MechSIM as the new face of Bricsys in Pune.


Variant Design Technologies Variant Design Technologies is our sales point in Kolkata and the entire North-Eastern region of India. Variant Design Technologies delivers end-to-end solutions that help the engineering units in Product Design and Development as well as supporting them with state-of art processes and technologies.

EdgeWorks Design Catalyst in Mumbai is a BricsCAD VAR and runs a diversified business that spans hardware, software and related technologies.


CADprofi is an international company engaged in the development of a suite of industry-vertical specific CAD applications working in the AutoCAD andBricsCAD platforms. CADprofi was founded in Poland in 1996, and has an office in Germany also. CADProfi applications are available in 22 languages and are sold through a well-developed network of distributors throughout the world. DesignSense is a distributor for CADprofi products in India.

The following products from CADProfi are available from DesignSense under the BricsCAD platform::

  • CADprofi HVAC & Piping (installation industry)
  • CADprofi Electrical
  • CADprofi Mechanical
  • CADprofi Architectural
  • CP-Symbols
  • CP-Manufacturers (many brands)

Click here to visit the CADProfi web-site

Design Solutions for Transportation, Infrastructure & Construction

Transoft Solutions is a world leading developer of civil and transportation design software. Their CAD based solutions are used worldwide by engineers, architects, and drafters for their civil and infrastructure design and planning needs. Whether you are designing a new road or highway corridor, mixed-use facility, intersection, site plan, or retro-fitting an existing parking lot, whatever your transportation design needs are, our software can help you complete it confidently and efficiently.

Today Transoft products are the de facto standard worldwide and enjoy an enviable level of success, and are perfectly integrated into the BricsCAD platform.

Recent innovative solutions include:


AutoTURN was our first product and remains the market leader today. Considered a ôkiller appö by engineers and transportation professionals AutoTURN is used worldwide by design professionals to solve vehicle movement requirements in their designs. A customer recently commented ôI start every design project with AutoTURNö.


The emerging standard for geometric design of modern roundabouts, TORUS now includes links to leading capacity analysis software so users can synchronize geometric data and import capacity analysis information.


A powerful intersection design solution which includes patent pending Vehicle Envelope Method of design.


The Online Traffic Impact Study Software is our newest application and was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). OTISS is the first cloud-based program of its kind that allows transportation professionals to use ITE trip generation data to help in traffic impact assessments.

AeroTurn 3D:

The Leading CAD Software for Performing 3D Aircraft Turning Simulations

AeroTURN® 3D is the industry's first software for carrying out 3D aircraft turn simulations and swept path analysis to evaluate spatial requirements at stands, aprons, taxiways, runways, and other airport facilities.